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  • Complex Educational Needs

    Complex Educational Needs

    Group intended for teachers of students with Complex Educational Needs (including, but not limited to, Complex Communication Needs) to share resources and knowledge and to discuss issues, ideas and strategies.

    Tags: complex, needs, educational, ORS, special, supported learning, communication, inclusion, inclusive education

  • KiwiChat Group in Palmerston North

    We held our first KiwiChat group in Palmerston North yesterday which was a great success. The students bought their communication devices with them and we went on a jungle safari. We loved the butterfly that we could make flutter, the fish that swam, finding and hearing the creatures in the jungl...

    Tags: KiwiChat, Palmerston, North, communication, device, talker, TalkLink

  • Sue Rogers

    I have been Senior Primary Leader at Karamea Area School (end of the road north west coast of south island), set up and facilitated ILP and E for Years 0 to 6. Introduced Growth Mindset, Solo, Learning pit, Critical thinking through student voice and inquiry learning to a very traditional and con...

    Skills: Inquiry learning, out of the box innovation, communication, level headed

  • Hail Articles

    Tags: communication, publishing, content management

  • Hail Logo

    Tags: Hail, communication, publishing, content management

  • Korero 5: Budgeting for Achievement - Primary & Intermediate

    Lorraine Makutu 34 days ago I would like to know: How does the annual plan and strategic plan reflect within the budget? What are some of the reasons behind the role decline? What have the community said about the strategic plan and the annual plan? how have they supported the learni...

    Tags: Communication, Relational, Trust, Vision, Collaborative

  • Building the Perfect Leader


    Tags: Communication, Community, Leadership, NAPP, Professional Development

  • Sarah Wakeford

    I am a passionate teacher with particular interests in social action and service learning.  I have 13 years experience as a Social Science teacher and have taught in Tanzania and Laos.  I have just completed a Masters thesis on secondary school students engaged in volunteering in the developing w...

    Skills: Communication, empathy, making connections, compassion

  • Growing Leaders


    Tags: Communication, Fullan, Leader, Middle Managers, SLT, Teacher

  • Building a Popular Culture at School


    Tags: Communication, Core Values, Culture, Expectations, Leaders, Organizational Structures, Practices, Values