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  • Contribution 1 for Milestone 4 - Leadership/Learning Teams strategic development

    Learning & Leadership Teams - v1 Leadership Committees v2 From a variety of sources/assistance and different leaders we have developed two discussion docs to address the need for collaborative management and leadership within our kura.  Attached are the two docs as our starting points ...

    Tags: leadership, teams, learning leadership, collaboration, management, strategic

  • Our Blog and Wiki Journey

    Mahora Primary SchoolDecile 3Roll 300Years 0 - 6Magpie ICT Cluster - 2nd Year of ClusterCluster GoalGoal 1B Students will have opportunities to connect, collaborate and createMahora GoalStudents will be given the opportunities to connect, collaborate and create digitallyWhat we did collaborativel...

    Tags: blogs, wikispaces, connection, collaboration, creativity, Mahora, primary,

  • Introducing Google Apps to Our School - Parkvale School 2011

    Cluster Goal 3Teachers will plan for e-learning integration. Teachers will use Web 2.0 tools and digital resources to create exciting learning opportunities for students. Teachers will carry out an 'e-learning teaching Inquiry' to support the integration of e-learning into their practice. Use ...

    Tags: google apps, collaboration, admin systems, google docs, administration,

  • Taking a Collective Responsibility for Educating our Children

    'If we could put all our teachers and all our children in one room how would we organise learning?' Trevor discusses the potential of UFB to enable us to approach learning in innovative ways but it is down to us to work collectively to realise those opportunities for our students. It won't happe...

    Tags: collaboration, innovation, ufbis, broadband, vlnc, edtalks

  • Kapiti Collaborative: Making a difference in Reading

    National Goal: Strengthen professional learning communities and increase collaboration across the regional cluster schools. The KC collected stories from various schools to show how they had used achievement information to enhance teaching and improve outcomes for students. One of these stories...

    Tags: reading, teaching as inquiry, collaboration

  • Tech Wizards Session 4

    Cluster schools meet to work on a digital project.

    Tags: collaboration, tech angels, techwizards, rotorualakescluster

  • Brief Reflections on the PLUTO Science Learning Collaboration

    Hi - here are my key reflections from Friday's PLUTO wind-up event at UoW. Facebook - definitely a candidate for use in education/learning.  The thought that if that is where the kids are, then that is where we need to be.  Paul's comment that 'communication is faster' via Facebook, an...

    Tags: pogil, science, inquiry processes, pluto, collaboration, relevance, teams

  • EDU domain management and settings

    Tags: google, public, open domain, sharing, collaboration

  • Health - Collaborative Project - Something for our Younger Students!

    We are currently developing a collaborative project with students at Rosmini College to work with younger students starting in 2012, around the area of Health.This is a great way for you to add a new dimension to your health curriculum at school by engaging with other Primary schools and Rosmin...

    Tags: collaboration, collaborative activity, project, vln_primary, vln primary, rosmini college, health, online learning

  • Our Favourite 2011 Class Blog Posts- cross posted from my Edublog

    Cross posted from my Edublog   http://allanahk.edublogs.org/ We engage with our children through blogging throughout the year and I wondered if, in the spirit of collaboration, we might come together to share some of our favourite posts that we have published during the year. &nbs...

    Tags: collaboration, blogging, blogger, exemplars