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  • Developing our eAchieve Cluster Portal: How the AppleTree Cluster collaborates online

    What was important for us? To develop an online learning community where teachers, students, leaders, and whanau can come together to share resources, communicate, and reflect on their own and their students’/children’s learning. Our community is the eAchieve web portal. ...

    Tags: ict pd, reflective summary, professional reflection, clusters

  • Goal 5: Sharing online professional reflections

    Goal 5: Sharing online professional reflections This PDF file is a support guide to help cluster personnel upload their summaries into the VLN. It is designed to help you prepare and submit your online professional reflection, rather than a process for guiding professional reflections as such. Y...

    Tags: ICTPD, clusters, milestones, milestone, online professional reflections

  • Introduction to the Virtual Learning Network

    This page introduces the VLN, how it's centralised portal to connect clusters to their own resources and each other. It also provides some clear instructions for using the VLN how to get started and what groups to join.

    Tags: ict pd, clusters, vln,

  • Starting out in the VLN

    This PDF document can help cluster personnel in the early stages of setting up personal profiles, creating group spaces, adding details (including tags) and understanding a little more about how we can successfully connect online.

    Tags: support, vln, help, instructions, ict pd, clusters

  • Mock-up reflective summary

    This is a mock-up reflective summary to show ICT PD clusters what an online reflective summary could look like. Click HERE for more. 

    Tags: ict pd, primary, secondary, clusters, reflective summary, milestone

  • How to create a group in the VLN

    To learn more about starting out in the VLN, there is a wealth of material in the Getting started on the VLN group. So join this space and set your notifications (Account) for updates. Here clusters will find support for: Building a profile, finding people, Joining and creating groups,...

    Tags: instructions, ict pd, clusters, group, profile

  • How to upload an ICT PD online reflective summary

    This area provides some support to clusters on how to upload their online professional summaries into the VLN.  The following video has also been prepared to provide some further assistance on how to upload your reflective summaries to the VLN . If you have any other queries, please don't h...

    Tags: ict pd, clusters, milestone, online reflective summary, instructions

  • Piri Piri School's Reflections

      Piri Piri School – Our Digital Citizens   Piri Piri is a Decile 4, sole charge rural school with 13 students.   The focus was for students, staff and community members to share and reflect on the progress made in creating digital citizens at Piri Piri School. It was de...

    Tags: kcc, king country coast, reflective summary, ICTPD, clusters, sole charge school, Cluster Year 2, Goal 1, Goal 4,

  • Waikato and Bay of Plenty Regional Meetings

    Helen and Annemarie attended the waikato meeting which was predominantly high school clusters. Annemarie attended the BOP meeting which was predominantly primary clusters. Here are the agendas and notes.

    Tags: clusters, waikato, bayofplenty, rotorualakescluster, blended learning, professional development,

  • Cluster reflections - the BEST tips if you are bidding for or finishing an ICTPD cluster.

    There are SO many things you need to know if you are thinking of starting a cluster.  I say 'thinking of starting', rather than 'already commenced' because the secret to a successful and enjoyable three years is in the PLANNING.  So grab a coffee (or stimulant of your choice) and let me...

    Tags: cluster advice, starting a cluster, accounts, financials, clusters, ICTPD, ICTPD cluster, octopus, Birkenhead College, Rosmini College, Kate Fuller, Andre Basel, Mike Thornley, Warren Hall