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  • Diane Mills

    About me: ...as the Regional Team Leader for the Central North Region in the Blended e-Learning PLD project.  Currently this involves mentoring and monitoring clusters of mostly secondary schools t...

  • dakinane

    About me: I am an independent e-learning facilitator.  I manage several ICT PD clusters in the Auckland region and also work with schools independently as well was working with commercial clients.

  • Peter Potter

    About me: ...or Watchdog in the South Island and also facilitate Myportfolio tasters with the Ministry.  I have facilitated and worked extensively with ICTPD Clusters to raise e-capability and get...

  • Philip Buchanan

    About me: ...  Formerly I was ePrincipal of the CoroNet cluster for about 7 years, working across 8 schools and in collaboration with the other 12 national VC clusters - mostly sharing videoconfere...

  • Jan Coleman

    About me: .../ leadership & management facilitator on the SSS contract out of Vic uni for 11 years. I also supported the development and growth of several clusters of schools - both primary and...Skills: establishing clusters of schools

  • John Phelps

    About me: I am a facilitator with a number of ICTPD Clusters includingI-Connect and Digital Daze 2.0.

  • Dave Malloch

    About me: I am one of two ICTPD Facilitators at Hamilton Girls' High School.  I am a member of two clusters, Connected Cluster and Cobham Connections and the HGHS Digital Horizon Group.

  • Mandy Dempsey

    About me: ...n NZ and Australian schools.  Real ICT enthusiast! Highlight of my career - working for eTime for the past 2 and a half years, working with ICTPD clusters and assisting schools in the...

  • Annemarie Hyde

    About me: ...w that things like national standards and hardware problems and limits cause a lot of road blocks for people. I have been part of three ict pd clusters, the last one as a "inte...

  • Suskya Goodall

    About me: ...h projects, I'm now pursuing my doctorate, Leading flourishing schools: Enhancing wellbeing in New Zealand education. I work with schools and clusters to support and facilitate pro...