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  • Welcome to all the new clusters in the VLN, I'm here to help you create your profiles, build your groups, so don't be surprised if I want to be your friend. Fee

  • For a growing list of ICT PD clusters, go to ICT PD Online's bookmarked items @ /pg/bookmarks/group:27633/items

  • Has anyone figured out where the ictpd clusters are supposed to upload their reflections for the milestone, got a few Principals asking?

  • Exciting news...ICT PD clusters are starting to upload reflective summaries. Want to know more?

  • ICT PD clusters Elluminate live session Tuesday May 10th starting at 2:15pm. To register your interest, go to http://goo.gl/JvSMA

  • @Tamara.bell1 and @Toni.Twiss It really helps when you guys are so supportive for clusters. The good news stories from visits roll in.

  • Want to start reading reflective summaries from other clusters? Try searching in /pg/resources/world/world

  • Online classes are open for registration https://goo.gl/p1dmGI all learners welcome Nau mai haere mai Plz share with your schools & clusters