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  • Erika Kim

    About me: I am a year 2-3 classroom teacher at Newmarket Primary School. 

  • Lucy Mackie

    About me: ...hy and Media Studies teacher here at Mairehau High School and am interested in the way photos, images, moving images and text come together in a classroom environment. I am part of the...

  • Stevie Woodman

    About me: I am a Classroom teacher. Lead ICT and Inquiry teacher at Kaikohe East School. I am teaching...children.  I am very interested in eLearning, Inquiry, using technology in classrooms.  I have 2 young children w...

  • Kathy Scott

    Brief description: I am the Team Leader for the year 0-2 syndicate at Prospect School. I am interested in learning about the use of ICT in Junior classrooms and integration of ESOL techniques.Interests: ICT in Junior classrooms

  • Fiona Madill

    About me: I am an experienced primary educator with 14 years experience in the classroom, including as a Senior Teacher...to implement in the following days, weeks, months and years in their classroom. That seed is now firmly...

  • Arnika Brown

    Brief description: I enjoy creating new challenges using digital technology in the classroom

  • craig steed

    About me: Deputy Principal at Freyberg High School. BOT Chair at Ross Intermediate. While I've had over 20 years in the classroom I continue to love what I do and don't see myself changing this...

  • Kathy Pirrit

    About me: I teach a class of year 2 students. I am passionate about teaching and enjoy learning new things to incorporate in my classroom practice.

  • mary jamieson

    About me: ...  My professional interests are: using myportfolio for appraisal; using myportfolio for student learning; the use of digital technologies in the classroom; the Registered Teacher Crite...