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  • Kerrin Lester

    About me: Associate Principal at Allenton School, working in Year 5/6 syndicate.  Embarking on digital classroom journey using Chromebooks and Google Docs.

  • Toby Kite

    About me: Kia Ora, I am a Year 7 classroom teacher with colour and passion.    

  • Jeanette Murphy

    About me: ...ou Katoa I've spent the past three or so years as the Facilitator of e-Learning for PeaK-ICT Kawerau and have recently  moved back into a Y5-Y6 classroom full-time.  It's been a busy...

  • Joy Kitt

    About me: In 2012 I was a science facilitator for Te Toi Tupu.  I am back in my own classroom and developing science learning opportunities with my class and the rest of the staff. Currently I a...

  • Roger Bowman

    About me: Self employed analyst with an interest in the education sector - IT system administration, classroom tutoring, teacher aide.

  • Doug Drysdale

    About me: ...eaching. Our school was part of the Kainui ICT PD Cluster 2008 - 2010 and we are continuing to develop the use of digital technology to support classroom teaching and learning.

  • joleneb

    About me: ...ocused on the wonderful opportunities that integrating ICT's into the classroom programme provides thanks to...England Primary. I have worked in all year levels and many different classroom types including digital class...

  • Carolyn

    About me: I am a year 2 teacher at Allenton School in Ashburton.  My passion is ICT in the classroom.  I am the curriculum leader in our school... although I am new to this... so I have no idea! :-) Collaboration is a key aspect of my teaching.  I enjoy sharing and learning with other teachers.

  • Catriona Pene

    About me: Mid 2012 I left a Year 3 digital classroom, where I was teaching using macbooks, ipads and ipods, to take up...nline. My education years - all in the Winterless North. It includes classroom teaching at all primary level...

  • Kate Smith

    About me: Year 3 teacher in Auckland New Zealand.  Enthusiastic about using technology in my classroom and always looking for any new eLearning, Daily5/Cafe ideas. Pilot class/year level for 1:2 chromebooks