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  • Victoria Jenkins

    About me: ...Food Technology as well. I am in my first year of teaching, heading into second year in 2012. I am interested in Virtual Learning and ICT in the classroom. I am open to suggestions and...

  • Erin Sawyer

    Brief description: AP and Classroom Teacher at Hamilton Junior High School

  • Kathryn Trask

    About me: I teach on the Kapiti Coast, Year 6 - 8. I have my own teacher blog Miss T's Reflections and class blog Miss T's Classroom   I am active on Twitter. @KathrynTrask.

  • Saira Boyle

    Interests: creating culturally responsive classrooms

  • Kate Christensen

    Interests: virtual classrooms

  • Mike Scaddan

    About me: ...in compatible learning. This is not pure neuro science. It is a combination of how we think, learn and behave with examples of highly successful classroom practice. It is about underst...

  • James Rasmussen

    Interests: ICT in schools. Interested in the opportunities UFB will bring to classrooms.

  • Kathy Lauridsen

    About me: Kia ora My name is Kathy and I am a classroom teacher at Central Normal School in Palmerston North.  I have beautiful Yr 3 & 4 students.  I have 17 years under my belt but can honetly asy that over the last 4 years I have learnt  a truckload.

  • Tracey Gurney

    About me: ...ar levels, in a range of small rural schools to large contributing schools and smaller city schools, as well as Intermediate.  My passion in the classroom lies in developing students a...

  • Carmen Kenton

    About me: ...ncies, adult learners, ELL, NCEA, refugee learners, disengaged learners, and learners who bring neurodiversity to my classroom. The strengths and diversity they bring to the classroom give us a place to co-create...