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  • Peter Corlett

    About me: ...educator  making exciting discoveries about what effective learning is about in the face of a rapidly changing world.  I have a yr5/6 class. The classroom is a lively, active and excit...

  • annerotorua

    About me: We cater for new entrants to Year 6 and have a maximum roll of 400 students. We have 17 classrooms. Approximately 10% of our students are English Language Learners.   

  • Teena Vincent

    About me: I am currently team-teaching a Yr 1-2 class at Kaniere School. I am married and have two children 18 and 3 1/2. I have been teaching for nearly 9 years.  I love learning about new ways to integrate ICT into the classroom programme. 

  • Tracy Riley

    About me: ...practice. I also have a strong interest in using competitions with gifted students, as well as strategies for meeting their needs in inclusive classrooms. In addition to my teaching...

  • Regan Scarfe

    About me: Classroom teacher and e-Learning Lead Teacher at Bethlehem School in Tauranga.

  • Katreena Daniels

    Brief description: I teach new entrants through to year 2 in the junior classroom at Kuranui School

  • Kimberley Chadwick

    Skills: classroom teacher

  • Wendy Moses

    Brief description: New Entrant to Year Two Classroom Teacher and Syndicate Leader

  • Caroline Rogers

    About me: I'm a classroom teacher interested in ICT, PLN & Web 2.0. I'm a school leader as well so interested in  the ways other schools do things. I'm currently setting up student TV so any thoughts about that would be appreciated too.

  • jany yelcich

    About me: ...and rural countryside :-) It's my second year as one of the e-leaders in our school and I enjoy introducing others to new tools for use in their classroom, working best in small group...