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  • Tracy Te Wake

    About me: I am currently working in Alternative Education facilitating learning for teenagers who have been alienated from mainstream schooling for various reasons.  I am passionate about education and enjoy working with young people in the classroom and on the sporting field.  

  • Joanne Clark

    About me: I am a teacher at Hornby High School: subject area Drama;respnsibilities - Specialist Classroom Teacher.

  • Ceri de Boo

    About me: Textiles Technology teacher at Cashmere High school, interested in breaking down barriers in using E learning - with a purpose - in the classroom - its so good!

  • Kim

    About me: I am a year 7 teacher in an e-learning classroom at Rotorua Intermediate.

  • Rebekah Whyte

    About me: ...sionate about The Arts, and new passion; iPads! Went on the Californian Apple Bus Tour 2013 and have decided I would love to teach in a 1-1 iPad classroom :-). Currently doing my Maste...

  • Nicky Cameron-Dunn

    About me: Year 5 and 6 classroom teacher in Marlborough, New Zealand.

  • Tonia

    About me: A teacher of year one students.  I enjoy using technology in the classroom and finding new ways to transform learning for my students.  

  • bepacific

    About me: ...ul Rotorua. My interests currently lie in the start up of Modern Learning Environments, individual learning pathways and using technology in the classroom in simple and transformative...

  • Margaux Hlavac

    About me: ...and also have a year 12 and a year 13 class. I am very keen to become a more fluent and fluid user and facilitator of ICT, within and beyond the classroom

  • rongomai

    Brief description: Am interested in bring online learning into my classroom