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  • Diane Richards

    About me: ...strong science background only the bare minimum pre-requisite science classes required for my degree. I would like to integrate science into my classroom to help engage my students mo...

  • Andrea Pijacun

    About me: ...or what it is. Our tamariki and their whanau have so much to offer and can be so empowered if we just embrace the culture that they bring to our classroom.  At least I think so anyway!

  • April Stevens

    About me: Specialist Classroom Teacher Part-time teacher of Photography and junior Drama Part-time artist

  • Kathryn Munro

    About me: ...8, mostly Yr 3,4,5 with a couple of oldies thrown in. I have 2 special needs kids, 1 wonderful TA and a great Trainee Teacher. So a pretty busy classroom. We have 8 Windows Laptops in...

  • Keri Tataurangi

    About me: ...ave been teaching for over 22 years. I am the Deputy Principal at Edmund Hillary School in Papakura. Currently, I am released from my fulltime classroom teaching position, and you wi...

  • Julie Harper

    About me: I live on a 19 acre block in Paparoa, Kaipara that has wonderful regenerating native bush. Books are my main passion and my family owned Jabberwocky Children's Bookshop from 1994 to early 2010. I returned to the classroom in 2010. I currently teach Years 2 - 4 at Matakohe Primary School.

  • Adam Baker

    About me: ...een teaching for 8 years now and am still passionate about raising childrens educational outcomes. I view the integration of technology into the classroom as a vital cog in redefining...

  • Chris Plant

    About me: A year 5/6 Teacher at Te Kauwhata Primary. Loving my job!  Trying everything new. Enjoying the new direction and path we are on. About to start something new, Te Manawa Pou.  Hope to learn lots and use this in my classroom.

  • Sose Annandale

    About me: ...st.  I have been working at Russell for the last 7 years this is my 3rd year as Principal. We currently have a roll of 129 students working in 6 classrooms years 1-6.  I am excited abo...

  • Kassey Downard

    Interests: Decorating my Classroom