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  • Chromebook/Chrome User Group

    Chromebook/Chrome User Group

    With Chromebooks starting to hit our shores and many of choosing them as big part of our learning environments it is is time for us to start sharing the journey.

  • TV in the classroom - what size and type.

    TV in the classroom - what size and type.

    ...question: Apple TV or Smart TV?  Are these the best options?  Using Chromebooks as our main device for studen...initely want to have full access to film etc via our class devices - chromebooks, ipads, smartphones - Do we e...

  • Student Voice Using Chromebooks

    Student Voice Using Chromebooks

    ...nect with others who are successfully using Chromebooks as a way to develop strong student voice.  How are you using your Chromebooks?  What are some useful apps t...   Or... have you found some flaws using Chromebooks that hinder capturing student...