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  • It's raining, so why not sign up for today's free online workshop on the e-Learning Planning Framework http://bit.ly/qtYL4j

  • Haven't got time to look for VLN e-learning goodies each week? Subscribe to this blog for a weekly taster: http://bit.ly/mz6Y3x

  • Have a look at our macro photos. The children had to find things that "held our school together"

  • Want to know how to use the VLN groups space for professional learning? /pg/groupcms/view/46685/

  • Would be good to see some grey faces replaced with actual faces or even avatars? Helps to create a vibrant learning community that way :)

  • Here's this week's round-up of e-learning goodness from the VLN: http://bit.ly/r2FAh7

  • This week's e-learning round-up: /pg/blog/Enabling.eLearning

  • The VLN is a busy place. The eLearning in Schools blog is a weekly round-up of e-learning action: http://bit.ly/mz6Y3x. Why not subscribe?

  • If you go to TKI and paste in this 'shared homepage id' - 3is3g - you should get a set of e-learning/digi ketes | http://www.tki.org.nz/

  • What do you think? Can a principal be a leader of e-learning without actually leading this themselves? http://bit.ly/r7WbFV