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Results for "children and their learning and learning /teaching. my whanau and especially supporting my 14 mokopuna. the arts - singing"

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  • Trying to link the Horizon Report with a NewZeland context and understand the relationship in learning in NZ

  • Working my way through all the new member notices in my inbox. Bowled over by the HUGE interest in Enabling e-Learning. Ka rawe, everyone:-)

  • AWESOME day @ Whg Primary today - QR Code Treasure Hunt created by senior class 4 juniors. All went well with lots of learning experiences!

  • The voting continues on... Can a principal be a leader of e-learning without leading this themselves? @ http://bit.ly/r7WbFV

  • Enabling e-Learning goes live!! /pg/groups/118255/enabling-elearning/

  • That is very exciting Karen! I am looking forward to learning loads more about the enabling e-learning site!

  • Just about to start the online workshop on the e-learning planning framework | http://bit.ly/nEkr1f. We'll record it for you :-)

  • https://lpf.education.govt.nz/ New Ministry resource for teachers and school leaders - Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF)

  • Want to know more about the e-Learning Planning Framework and have your say? Go to /pg/event_calendar/view/117502

  • @Ross.Hampton Hi Ross, If you also add your request for a JD to the discussions in Enabling e-Learning group, you'll catch more folk:-)