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Results for "children and their learning and learning /teaching. my whanau and especially supporting my 14 mokopuna. the arts - singing"

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  • Cluster Milestone 3 Reflections

    "Making the Most of a Bad Situation" Aim: Meeting the needs of family and whanau through e-learning opportunities during a time o...rom parents for some work for their children to do at home.  Charle...ebsite for the different aged children.  Some were team wikis...

  • Milestone 3

    @font-face { font-family: "Times New Roman"; }@font-face { font-...} Goal 1. Akona are using e-learning and Solo Taxonomies to support and enhance their learning   The teachers at Mama...st term researched and shared their indi...English and Te Reo also when learning t...

  • Lead Teacher Shares

    On this page you will find information around our lead teacher shares.  Check out the sub pages for evidence and learning that was undertaken during these sharing times.

  • Craighead Diocesan School

          Below are some of the "adv...  Using E-portfollios to share learning i...ed to complete set homework tasks on in their own&...dback are used by the teacher to direct lear...and participating in online blogs with their t...

  • Reflective Summary: Milestone 3 2011

    Year level: This is a second year of a 3 year contract. Cluster ty...;Teachers were able to select their own inquiry focus based on their own eLearning development and th...rdoch.  Schools reviewed their own inquiry curriculum integrati...rents about the benefits of eLearning for their chil...

  • Links to Cluster Online Resources

    Cluster Wiki Cluster collaborative literacy wiki Phil Salmon's E-Learning Resources Site Cluster Matariki resources site  

  • IPads at Mamaku School

    With the introduction of a pod of iPads (6, first generation, 16g...to Mamaku School New Entrant students were thrilled to have their fir...th delight and without hesitation experiences with this new learnin...

  • Sacred Heart Timaru

     Sacred Heart teachers' evidence for Milestone 6. Teaching as Inquiry Focus: How can we use ICT tools, strategies and thinking in our teaching and learning to improve student achievement in writing?   Sacred Heart ICT Strategic Plan 2011 - 2012

  • Pleasant Point Primary

    "Teaching as Inquiry" Focus: How can we use ICT tools, strategies and thinking in our teaching and learning to improve student achievement in Writing? PPPSActionPlan

  • Green Eggs and Ham

    Room 6 is a class of Year 1 and 2 children.Yesterday we went to the library. I took the iPad p...o another part of the library. I started reading to the class.I love reading aloud to childre...