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Wire posts

  • Children in Egypt have been named Facebook and Twitter. What an eye opener: Social media video 2013 http://bit.ly/V5tN4B

  • An opportunity for your students to chat online with the Commissioner of Police at 11:30am on Thursday 12 June: http://bit.ly/SIKf0T

  • Just finished watching - Tatarakihi - The Children of Parihaka. Paora Joseph - director shared the film with NAPP kaiarahi this evening.

  • Children develop a ♥ of ᇉarn㏌g & there's no sec schᅇl 4 them 2 go 2. Read abt c㏊lᇉnge of su㏄ess, & power of ㏇㎜unity! http://bit.ly/1ha94eg

  • Has anyone got a good list of literacy and numeracy games/programmes/apps that parents can use with their children at home? Thanks.

  • Is anybody using xtramths with their children? My Year 5/6 children are now using this and there appears to be significant increases.

  • Seesaw – The Learning Journal Vs Blogs for children at school Some debate here? Any thoughts?

  • How can we develop the children's specific mathematical vocabulary to enable them to better explain their thinking and learning?

  • Hi, I am just wondering if anyone knows of any good readings about children evidencing their learning?