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  • Interactive Slideshow-5 year olds

    After going to an early settlers visit the children compared old items to nowaday items. It involved reading, thinking, making a decision then following instructions to choose the answer. What fun!

  • ultranet home page.pdf

    The children are learning how to chat to each other within the school's ultranet uspace.  They are also chatting with their teachers as well and gaining confidence in their online abilities.

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  • Wanting ideas or links to how to get children to see a purpose for learning to read and write when they only do this at school. HELP!!!

  • Held a second session on blogging and a teacher presented what her children were doing with Scratch - great maths/logic work.

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  • Learner Needs

      Focus Carry out a learning needs analysis to identify the range of learning opportunities required. Explanation The primary purpose of an LCO should...

  • The 4 Ps

    Activity within and among LCO is shown below as the’ 4-Ps’:   Progr...erns (eg water quality, weather patterns, pollution levels). Connecting with authors and illustrators for a virtua...

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  • Manaiakalani


    Mission To develop capacity in children and families in the Tamaki Community by growing interdependence, innovation and creativity using sustainable practices. Descri...

  • Children as E-Learners

    Children as E-Learners

    This is part of the Mantar Cluster's Milestone writing. Feel free to comment.

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  • Tania (T.K.) Roxborogh

    Tania (T.K.) Roxborogh   I grew up in a world without books; no one read to me when I was a baby or when I was a child. I did not have a bookshelf in my room filled with books by Enid Blyton, Charles Dickens or Dr Seuss. In the living room, the bookshelf housed only an old bible, a...

  • Fifi Colston

    Fifi Colston Graduating in Wellington with a Diploma of Visual Communications Design, Fifi freelances with fingers in many creative pies. She is a published junior fiction novelist, children’s book illustrator of more than 30 titles, poet and a long standing television presenter of a...

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