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  • RawiriMckinney

    About me: Project Manager Youth for Matua Raki the National Addiction Workforce based in Wellington. Check out our level 3 NCEA health programme Mana Arahi. Awesome response in 2010 pilot, 10...

  • Craig Perkins

    About me: 30 years as a practicing professional photographer, still do a bit for fun. Had my 1st camera at 4 years old and 54 years later still have it and a shed full of others as I collect Photographica as well. Check out my site at www.craigperkins.co.nz

  • Kerry

    About me: ...call and have seen massive changes in my practice and more importantly my pedegogy.  (Just used that vocabulary in incase some one from the MOE is checking up on me). I enjoy working...

  • Ella

    About me: ...Playing netball and basketball in my spare time. Living in Pirongia. Upskilling my knowledge of Te Reo Maori. My class has a Wiki (web page), check it out at www.room7allstars.w...

  • Janet Shepherd

    About me: ...produced amazing results.  I, of course, am very excited about the whole concept and are always looking for new things to try with the students. Check out Summerland School website...

  • Joy Kitt

    About me: ...earning opportunities with my class and the rest of the staff. Currently I am working with my year 4/5 class to explore an integrated curriculum.  Check out my blog on the VLN - the...

  • Richard McLaren

    About me: Kia ora koutou, AP @ Shirley Boys' High School; checking out ways to collaborate on eLearning in our schools

  • Jeremy Olson

    About me: ...lled "Guided Imagery Exposure" aimed at increasing movement and sensation and/or reducing pain and spasms after spinal cord injury. Check out my findings at www.increa...