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  • Jen Denham

    About me: I teach Year 1/2 at Holy Family School. I have 11 gorgeous kids and my challenge is to teach well and see heaps of growth.

  • Jackie Hohaia

    About me: ...of courage).  I have been an RTLB since 2007, have worked in secondary, intermediate, primary and a residential setting for severe behaviourally challenged students.

  • KarenK

    About me: ...ce in a Kura Mana Maori. I am now teaching in a rural area school as a NE/Y1/2 Senior teacher. Teaching in rural areas has its own set of unique challenges. Collegial sharing and suppo...

  • David Farquhar

    About me: ...onship building while also visiting a large number of companies. Other activities included presentations on specific business topics, MasterChef Challenges and Business Theatresports. ...

  • Bronwyn Conlogue

    About me: ...ssionate about children realising their potential and discovering their unique talents and skills.  I enjoy  adventures, new experiences and the challenge of learning new things.  

  • Christine Wells

    About me: ...classroom and researching effective ways of engaging students. In 2012 our school introduced compulsory BYOD for year 9 and I have enjoyed this challenge. I am an advocate of Project...

  • RosieRob

    Brief description: Passionate teacher who loves being challenged by new concepts. Teaching in a collaborative learning space with Year 5&6 students.

  • Alison Flutey

    About me: I am a Kaiarataki/Professional Leader with Central Kids Kindergartens which are based in the great Waikato area.  My main role is supporting teachers with children who have behavioural challenges and facilitating Incredible Years teacher programmes.

  • Steve Smith

    About me: Head of Innovation and Social Sciences Teacher at Takapuna Grammar school. Google certified teacher Level 2 and Trainer. Lifelong learner and enjoys the challenge of a new task