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  • sharon fuemana

    About me: ...achieve to their potential, no exceptions! I am particularly interested in Maori and Pacific achievement which is close to my heart. I enjoy the challenges and inspiration of being in...

  • Nathan Russell

    About me: Hi there, My name is Nathan Russell. I have just started a new role as Deputy Principal at Fergusson Intermediate School in Upper Hutt.  I am thoroughly looking forward to developing in my role this year and the exciting challenges that lay ahead. 

  • John Steere

    About me: I am currently a senior teacher at Fergusson Intermediate, Upper Hutt. I have just moved from teaching 8 years at Hutt Intermediate and are looking forward to some new challenges in a new school environment.

  • Daryl Gibbs

    About me: Hi everyone, I am currently the Assistant Principal at Berkley Normal Middle School in Hamilton. I have been at the school for 10 years and after completing my Post Grad diploma in Ed. Leadership last year I am looking forward to the challenges of the Aspiring Principal's Programme.

  • Jim Townshend

    About me: ...Our Core School is a small school which since the Canterbury Earthquakes is now spread across three sites in Christchurch.There are a number of challenges for me professionally and pe...

  • Marlene Jackson

    About me: I am a primary trained, secondary science teacher. I have always taught in low decile secondary schools with a mainly Pacifika and Maori student group. Love the challenge, the culture and the warmth of the kids I share my days with. I learn far more from them than they will ever realise.

  • Shirley

    About me: ...very supportive parents, great staff and wonderful views. We have our challenges as well and most of these could be summed up as "Decile 10++ challenges". I trained in Palmerston N...

  • Margaret-Anne Barnett (M-A)

    About me: ...individual learners, rather than education institutions. It's a tremendous privilege to be working in this area.       It's a great challenge and it's great to have th...

  • Arnika Brown

    Brief description: I enjoy creating new challenges using digital technology in the classroom

  • justin hickey

    About me: I am a year 7/8 teacher at Awahono School, West Coast, NZ. Try to spread the gospel and challenge peoples pedagogy.