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  • Here's a challenge...who will be the first person to add #1 TOP SAFETY TIP for Safer Internet Day? http://bit.ly/1ESUmFY

  • Anyone know whats happening with the TVNZ6 Netguide Multimedia Challenge this year now that TVNZ6 is gone?

  • Want some e-learning inspiration? Check out the Photographic challenge @ http://bit.ly/I60zy0 Would be great to see more...

  • Want a challenge for your students this week? Why not give them 10 minutes to photograph e-learning in their school? http://bit.ly/I60zy0

  • Check out today's November Challenge post from Guest Blogger, Stephanie - what can teachers learn from 'geeks'? http://bit.ly/ufaErf

  • Principal for a day? Then have we got a challenge for you...http://bit.ly/vpfGr7

  • Week 3: Are you up for an e-learning challenge? /pg/blog/read/169575/are-you-up-for-an-elearning-challenge

  • 1 day left for the Leadership 30 day challenge. Last commentary welcome today @ http://bit.ly/vpfGr7

  • One week left to suggest ideas for our November challenge: What should be in your e-learning kete? >> http://bit.ly/tU8kqr

  • @aliceirvine I have the same dilemma/challenge spread over two adjoining classrooms with a shared space between. Let us know what u find