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  • Does your school teach logo or computer coding? What's the potential for our learners? /discussion/view/808080

  • love this ted talk http://goo.gl/lrejtF because it's a tough job full of challenges, but we teach anyway, because that's what we do.

  • @ Jude Lees: link (not NZ) to research/case study on integrating iPads to teach print-based and digital literacy goals http://bit.ly/PZoiHv

  • Do you teach at Colwill Primary School in Massey? Robyn would love to hear about LeapPad /discussion/view/843934

  • Hi there people. I'm looking for a bilingual school/ class/ teacher who would be willing to connect with my class to teach us Te Reo

  • I have searched everywhere but I can't find the easttle writing rubric in child speak. I have found year 5 progressions etc but not the rubr

  • Auckland. We only just learning to use so want to see it in action in an actually classroom if possible. I teach out West Auckland.

  • NEW Debt Empire app- teach teens and yourself to be loan smart https://www.sorted.org.nz/debt-empire download and start playing

  • Interested in learning to teach online we have some opportunities Dig Tech and Te Reo - links to come

  • Hey, I am after some ideas about how to teach reading and writing as literacy in an integrated model for year 5/6.