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  • Rangitoto College 'Going Digital' Booklet

    This booklet designed for our community, was developed to outline: - our current IT infrastructure- our vision for the e-learning classroom- e-learning rubric for best practice- case studies - types of devices Devices will not be compuslory for students at Rangitoto College.

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  • Samsung Galaxy - Student Feedback on the Tablet

    We are trialling a number of devices for using next year.  As we use HP computers predominantly, Windows and Office, I thought we'd look at this tablet.  It's supposedly closest to the ipad2 (I've got one).  After Ulearn and a visit to Point england, I'm also trialling netbooks, fo...

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  • The Last Generation with Backpacks?

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  • One-to-one computing: literature review

    The abstract: The NSW Department of Education and Training is committed to delivering one-to-one computing as part of the Digital Education Revolution for students in Years 9-12. This presents us with new possibilities for when students learn and what they learn, and also possibly how they learn...

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  • Educational Outcomes and Research from 1:1 Computing Settings

    The abstract: Despite the growing interest in 1:1 computing initiatives, relatively little empirical research has focused on the outcomes of these investments. The current special edition of the Journal of Technology and Assessment presents four empirical studies of K–12 1:1 computing p...

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  • Orewa College - One to one devices and the path to the iPad

    Documentation of Orewa College's journey of introducing iPads to there school. Article and presentation from Learning@School 2012

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  • Parkvale One to One Journey

    Goal: All Background and context:Through 2011, Parkvale staff investigated one to one classrooms. The opportunity for participation was provided to all year 5 and 6 students. The parents were responsible for providing and maintaining the netbook. As more students applied than positions available...

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  • EGGS Online - e-Learning at Epsom Girls Grammar School

    We are just about to hand out 'EGGS Online - e-Learning at Epsom Girls Grammar School' booklet at our pre-enrolment day. I have attached a copy of the text that is going into that booklet. It covers the following:   EGGS ONLINE - e-Learning at Epsom Girls Grammar School The advan...

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  • ICT for Teaching and ICT for Learning: They are not the same

    Articles (non-peer reviewed)ICT for Teaching and ICT for Learning: They are not the same (HTML) ResourceRobert Douglas - Howick College Overview In 2010 I suggested that ICT in schools can be considered as having three distinct but overlapping roles. These are ICT for school administration, ICT...

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  • iPod Touch Initiative

    Greater South Canterbury Cluster iPod Touch Initiative.   Timaru South School (TSS)   Full Primary School Year 1 to 8   Context - iPod Touch integration throughout school.   Research model Used – Trial & Error, online research, Seminars, Kaiapoi Borough Schoo...

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