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  • Looking for a BYOD framework to incorporate into our Cybersafety policy.

  • @davidr Hi David, I see you have joined BYOD in schools, there's more gold in them there hills (VLN groups), so I'll message you some links

  • I am looking for a brief TedTalks vid, to put into a Prezi presentation, aimed at parents about eLearning and the benefits of BYOD. Ideas???

  • Hi, I am a year 5/6 teacher who has started a BYOD class this year. I am keen to visit another school doing same thing next Thursday if poss

  • How do you manage this? Help this teacher out? > Device equity in a BYOD school http://ow.ly/l4z92

  • Yesterdays webinar seems to have got me back into VLN and wanting post more about the experiences that students are facing in a BYOD world

  • Enabling eLearning newsletter out now! N4L updates, future-focused learning, leadership, @LEARNZ and BYOD >> http://ow.ly/nCveB

  • Linda Ojala is starting out on the BYOD journey and is wanting to connect with other Year 3 teachers. Can you help? http://bit.ly/18Axmul

  • What a debate!! Devils Advocate... Beyond BYOD >>> Want to join in? /discussion/view/834436?orderby=latest

  • Kia ora, We are a small school developing the use of BYOD and ICT within our curriculum. What are some great schools we could visit in ChCh?