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  • New blog post > Managing BYOD at Albany Senior High | Notes from PoriruaNet http://bit.ly/QPVLl4 #eLead #vln

  • Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT / BYOD) illustrated...for Parents http://bit.ly/16kqM5v

  • Hi all. Have just joined a bunch of groups and am looking forward to discussions on BYOD, flipped classrooms and student centered learning

  • yet another poorly written article on BYOD implementation in schools - Nelson School makes electronic compulsory http://tinyurl.com/73d2r3a

  • hmmm, just did a search for "BYOD" on edgazette.govt.nz site and there are no results...

  • I should have gotten the stats on our BYOD implementation on Friday, I feel Mondays going to go way to quick

  • Found some interesting BYOD reading here

  • I'll tell you what would make me happy- if I could save a bookmark to two groups with one click- eg BYOD and iPad groups.

  • Yay, I have finally completed the BYOD survey, though I am surprised at the results, see my thread for more information

  • The BYOD group that Derek started. I had been a member of it in the past. Not sure why I suddenly wasn't.