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  • Creating Connection.

    ...real connection with someone whose suffering is outside our experience. Brain research shows that the tween...ube clip. The clip is shot from a school.   Related Resources: iBrain - Small and Vorgan Understan...

  • The Subtleties of Human Interaction

    ...atens to weaken the neural pathways and development of areas of the brain that recent brain research shows are set down d...Thriving at Work, Home, and School, - John J. MedinaiPhone App: 3D Brain...

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  • Don't over strain that brain Monika - My tip - take in what you remember!!! See you next week


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  • Dr John Medina - How the brain learns

    Thought-provoking keynote presentation from Dr John Medina. Quote: If you wanted to design a learning environment that was directly opposed at what the brain is naturally good at doing - you'd design a *#@*&* classroom!

    Tags: brain, learning, classroom design, John Medina, research, neurology

  • The Nature of Learning: Using research to inspire practice

    The Nature of Learning: Using research to inspire practice (Centre for educational research and innovation for education).  This paper asks, "How can the learning sciences inform the design of 21st Century Learning environments." Here's something to put the cat amongst the p...

    Tags: learning, theory, research, brain, practice