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  • The Blogging Challenge

    As a six year old I remember staring at a blank page and not wanting to make that first mark. There is nothing wrong with a blank page. No miss-formed letters that are not sitting on the line. Dutch is not spelt incorrectly. Nothing is crossed out, scribbled out, rubbed out through to the next pa...

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  • BecPower

    Tena koe! I am the DP at Tahatai Coast school in Papamoa, Tauranga. I was a CORE eFellow in 2014, I'm a member of the 'Rock our World' international team & also a participant in ROW, a leader in the Flick It On Collaborative Film Making Project, I was a lead teacher in the regional 'Link Lear...

    Skills: multi-tasking, mac applications (computers & makeup!), blogging, elearning integration, english, literacy

  • Merivale School. Teaching as Inquiry Approach to Online Learning

    The Rationale: Teachers at Merivale School  (part of The Tauranga Moana ICTPD Cluster)  used a Teaching as Inquiry approach to their professional learning, in order to become more culturally responsive and to improve outcomes for their Maori Students.  The school has a student ...

    Tags: uspace, blogging, social networking, Merivale School, virtual class, reflective summary,

  • Michael Fawcett

    Skills: wide and varied, mobile, blogs, blogging, web 2.0

  • Tauranga Intermediate e-Portfolio Journey

    Tauranga Intermediate, as well as being the largest intermediate school in NZ with a roll of 1241, is one of three schools in the iTeam Tauranga Cluster. Greenpark School and Tauranga Primary are the other two. In 2010 conversations began about the purpose of the students windows folders and h...

    Tags: reflective summary, e-portfolios, blogging, iTeam Tauranga, intermediate, formative assessment, k12, effective pedagogy, teaching as inquiry,

  • Blogging to Motivate and Promote Literacy

    This page was created to support Fostering Literacy in the Bay - Tauranga Moana Reading Council's Annual Reading Workshop Evening

    Tags: literacy, blogging

  • To blog or nor to blog?

    Tags: blogging, blogs, homework

  • Blogging, community engagement and consistency

    Sharing Tahunanui's blogging development - involving the students, staff, local and global community.

    Tags: academic commenting, blogging, community, engagement,

  • Blogging & Homework

    Commented on Ainsley's blog post about 'blogging' as howework - some interesting point are being raised on the dicsussion.  Check is out at: /mod/threaded_forums/topicposts.php?topic=54087&group_guid=52477

    Tags: blogging, homework

  • Year 11 English – Discussions on Ultranet

    This is an example of using online learning during Eng Lit class.  

    Tags: english literature, secondary schools, blogging, ultranet