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  • Held a second session on blogging and a teacher presented what her children were doing with Scratch - great maths/logic work.

  • Woohoo! Great thread, gathering momentum. Come and join guests @Allanahk @traintheteacher and @krivett1 > Blogging 101> http://bit.ly/OXHCCF

  • Got something to share for e-learning/Inquiry? Want to know more about blogging? Come and join our discussions http://bit.ly/MsEjPW

  • Starts today! >> Blogging 101 | An Enabling e-Learning event http://bit.ly/Py19Wy Share a question or experience, and invite colleagues too

  • Been reading our Curriculum Integration Project student blogs. Several have caught the blogging habit! eg http://elliottlia.blogspot.co.nz/

  • iPads, blogging, effective course design, e-learning inquiry. It's all on in Enabling e-Learning, Term 3 http://bit.ly/LZKKPL

  • Are there any classes blogging in te reo. Looking for a NZ Year 7/8 class to swap blog comments with - in te reo! http://mokoiaint-k3.blogspot.co.nz/

  • What does blogging and other social networks have to do with teacher appraisal/goal setting? Find out more this Wed: http://bit.ly/1bgq1D7

  • Quick question...I am currently comparing blogger.com and wordpress as blogging sites. Do people have preferences?

  • 14 steps to meaningful student blogging // http://bit.ly/1yoUh7e