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  • eLearning round-up on the VLN | 21June11

    Haven't got time to trawl the VLN for eLearning goodness? I've done it for you:-)   eMember of the week Each week we'll profile someone who has made valuable contributions to our eLearning community. This week, it's.... Allanah King: Allanah is a regional facilitator, in the ICT PD prog...

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  • Why use blogs in education?

    This post from Anne Davis of Edublog Insights is probably one of the most commented post on the subject of the use of blogging in education with 215 comments at the time of writing ( how's that's for engagement with an audience ). I quote from her page: http://anne.teachesme.co...

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  • Embedding a Google Slideshow in Your Blog

    I wrote this blog post on my blog http://allanahk.edublogs.org/2012/02/01/how-i-made-the-google-slide-show/   People have wondered how I made the Google Presentation http://allanahk.edublogs.org/2012/01/28/what-i-want-my-teachers-to-know-about-me/ for my class. So I thought I would sha...

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  • Blogs at Havelock North Primary

    All classes at Havelock North Primary have a blog this year. After 8 weeks of term and blogging we have just started quad blogging. The purpose is for children to have an authentic context for their digitial citizenship, for children to receive fedback and feedforward on their work. Hopefully par...

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  • Tuhituhinga - Writing

    Ata mārie Today I am posting about a couple of requests on engaging learners and improving achievement in writing. I have shared the following resources with teachers and schools I work alongside with. All have been positively received. Making the writing programme fun. A crowd sourced Google s...

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  • Let's blog or tweet or poke...


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