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  • Tuhituhinga - Writing

    Ata mārie Today I am posting about a couple of requests on engaging learners and improving achievement in writing. I have shared the following resources with teachers and schools I work alongside with. All have been positively received. Making the writing programme fun. A crowd sourced Google s...

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  • Reflections of Inquiry

    How to improve the quality of student letter formation through the use of ipad apps https://docs.google.com/a/core-ed.ac.nz/document/d/1JBpq00b3SL4xfNBwLLFm4nmASRQhXgiW4dJ7viKsLO8/edit Karen Melhuish Spencer, Tania Coutts, Tara Fanagan and Allanah King, CORE Education Ltd, Christchurch.Connect...

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  • Let's blog or tweet or poke...


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