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  • The VLN is a busy place. The eLearning in Schools blog is a weekly round-up of e-learning action: http://bit.ly/mz6Y3x. Why not subscribe?

  • Just wrote a new WIPCE blogpost, check it out! /pg/blog/owner/Tamara.bell1

  • Welcome back to term 3 everyone! For weekly updates in the VLN groups space, go to /pg/blog/owner/Enabling.eLearning

  • Good morning, everyone:-) Catching up on the weekend's activities. Some great discussions going on, which I'll pop into the blog later...

  • Look back over the last 7 days of e-learning on the VLN: /pg/blog/owner/Enabling.eLearning

  • Good morning! What did you miss last week? | /pg/blog/read/120602/elearning-roundup--26-september-2011

  • Check out the weekly community round-up of e-learning @ /pg/blog/read/93286/elearning-roundup--15-august-2011

  • Your weekly e-learning digest across the VLN Groups: /pg/blog/read/100776/elearning-roundup--22-august-2011

  • I'm just writing a blog post on cybersafety and wandering... What are our biggest fears in the classroom?

  • Something funny/scary for the afternoon via Greg's Blog >> Should we teach Math? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QBv2CFTSWU