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  • Milestone Three - ICT PD Reflections

    This PDF contains the reflections on how the cluster is working towards developing and sustaining effective change in their teaching and learning with a focus on e-learning

    Tags: reflections, blended learning

  • Waikato and Bay of Plenty Regional Meetings

    Helen and Annemarie attended the waikato meeting which was predominantly high school clusters. Annemarie attended the BOP meeting which was predominantly primary clusters. Here are the agendas and notes.

    Tags: clusters, waikato, bayofplenty, rotorualakescluster, blended learning, professional development,

  • Tauranga Moana Tamaiti Hui - A Deliberate Strategy to align Vision to Practice

    Our cluster is made up of 6 primary schools across the Bay of Plenty. Alll schools have a commonality of having a high percentage of Maori students. We see the ongoing development of Maori potential in education as a guiding force: Maori enjoying education success as Maori learners. Our overa...

    Tags: kids conference, vln_primary, reflective summary, vln, Ultranet, blended learning, nzc, effective pedagogy,

  • Blended Learning @ Tauranga Primary School

    Our elearning vision is:For elearning to enhance powerful learning opportunities by providing engaging, accessible and authentic learning experiences for the 21st century learner.We believe that “blended learning” , a combination of traditional and elearning practices, will best meet ...

    Tags: reflective summary, iTeam Tauranga, ipads, blended learning,

  • Blended ELearning and Teacher Inquiry 2011

    Tags: elearning, inquiry processes, teaching as inquiry, blended learning,

  • Blended ELearning 2011

    Tags: blended learning, inquiry learning, inquiry processes, intermediate, Inquiry,

  • Wellington Loop VLN reflection for Milestone 5

    This is the reflection for Milestone 5.  We have focused on the two goals of senior management being involved and teachers being proactive in the use of ICT.  This resource gives our research model or the context for our activities and some idea of the progress we are making.  Bo...

    Tags: leadership, technology adoption, innovation, educational leadership, school leadership, blended learning