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  • Rotation Blended Learning

    Tags: blended learning, rotation

  • Anne Kenneally 

    I joined CORE Education in January 2013 as a Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator. I have a background in primary teaching, and in recent years mostly taught years 5 and 6. I've been Deputy Principal at St Mary’s School, in Mosgiel, for the past four years.  I celebrated a study leave...

    Skills: E-learning, Blended learning, Flexible learning spaces, Blogging, BYOB. Distance collaboration, E-literacy, Community engagement, blended e-learning facilitation

  • Rotation Model of Blended Learning

    Rotation Model of Blended Learning

    Interested in ways this model fosters student agency, how it is being used in classroom practice, what are some good resources, developments, research and examples.

    Tags: Blended learning, rotation, blended learning models, integration, digital technologies, collaboration

  • Wendy Stafford

    A Facilitator of Learning, Teacher Coach, eLearning Specialist and Future Focused Learning Leader. I work with learning organisations, teachers/tutors, students, and their families to co-construct learning environments that enhance learner engagement and achievement through Learner Agency (sel...

    Tags: eLearning, Future Focused Learning (FFL), Self-Regulated Learning (SRL), Blended Learning, Modern Learning Environments (MLE), Flipped Classrooms

  • Jo Nicol

    Tags: Digital Fluency, Blended Learning, Inquiry Learning, Growth Mindset

  • Blended Learning: What’s in it for Kids?

    While K-12 students are still attending traditional school structures, blended learning is slowly stepping into the picture, which combines traditional classroom methods with fun virtual-mediated activities. Advantages of Blended Learning post on “iLearn Project” noted that in just ...

    Tags: Blended Learning, K-12, mobile, Gamification, Social Learning

  • What Effective Feedback Is and Isn't


    Tags: Feedback, Feed Forward, PLN, Hattie, ELearning, Blended Learning

  • Blended Learning


    Tags: Blended Learning, eLearning, Leading by Example, Principals, Singh, Support, Technology

  • The Voice


    Tags: eLearning, Blended Learning, Support, Leading by Example, Professional Learning, Learning Environment, Akonga

  • Ellie Mackwood

    Helping students to navigate their way through 21st Century Learning.  

    Tags: UDL, Design for Learning (Differentiation), ICT, GAFE, Multiple Intelligence's, Special Education, AAC, Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring, Blended Learning, Project-Based Learning, e-Learning