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  • Watching Craig

  • I'm writing a poem for my personal blog. The poem is called "Ghost on Dead Bird Run".

  • I am at the moment watching the NE five year olds in my class teach each other skills using the laptops. I love my job!

  • Thanks for the reminder - otherwise I might have been watching something far less educational on TV! Or engrossed in my book...

  • This is worth watching: http://the99percent.com/videos/7193/Jonah-Lehrer-The-Origins-of-Creative-Insight-Why-You-Need-Grit

  • had a good meeting today for the learning without limits, great watching presentation and voice via skype

  • Just finished watching - Tatarakihi - The Children of Parihaka. Paora Joseph - director shared the film with NAPP kaiarahi this evening.

  • Loving listening/watching keynote speakers live in TeachMeetNZ http://bit.ly/1HEVQkn