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  • Simon Drewery

    Brief description: I am a Principal with a passion for children, authentic learning and gadgets that make school exciting.

  • Tara T-J

    About me: ...at: Self Reflection Foucauldian notions of self-monitoring Authentic audience As a teacher I...nd Australia. As principal I try to foster community learning in authentic contexts.

  • Kerry Guise

    About me: ...f ICT, and building teachers' confidence and capabilities. I enjoy all things ICT and spend a lot of time searching for sites, programmes etc to authentically integrate into teaching a...

  • Karyn Gray

    About me: ...hool we are trying to do things differently than the more traditional approaches. We are constantly searching for ways to engage our learners in authentic learning- right through to ou...

  • Sandy

    About me: ...experience enjoyable, and hope I can translate this into the classroom. I believe that the more personal we can make the learning, and the more authentic the purpose and audience,the...

  • Sue Parkes

    About me: ...n (e-Learning and Digital Technologies in Education) and my Master of Education at Univeristy of Canterbury. I am interested in the delivery of authentic and contextualised curricula...

  • Amy McCauley

    About me: I am a passionate advocate for making learning powerful, authentic and engaging. I am currently teaching at Auckland’s newest Primary school - Hobsonville Point School, where a stimulating modern learning environment is paired with an inclusive, collaborative teaching and learning style. 

  • Victoria Forrest

    About me: I am a Year 8 teacher at Oamaru Intermediate School.  Through the VLN I am interested in developing my knowledge of e-learning, ways to support the staff at my school with integrating Maori into authentic contexts and supporting those who are under achieving in literacy. 

  • Tash Jacobs

    About me: ...the VLN and would like to thank everyone on here for sharing and challenging ideas.  The possibilities to develop inquiry practice and conceive authentic learning contexts are endless...

  • LouiseField

    About me: .... I am hoping that as I progress towards a masters degree, I'll gain invaluable insight into how we can provide meaningful arts opportunities in authentic contexts both in and outside...