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  • Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a tool to help us design to include from the outset. It's guidelines prompt us to consider what will enable rather than dis-able learners in the way we teach and organise learning. When you look at the guidelines, you'll see somethings you do already, bu...

    Tags: all learners, accessibility, universal design for learning, udl, curriculum design, curriculum, diverse learners, diversity, special learning needs, assistive technology

  • Assistive Technology

    Assistive Technology

    Share and discuss assistive technology options and the ways that both specialised assistive technology and standard technologies can be used to support students.

    Tags: assistive technology, special needs, special education, diverse learners, universal design for learning, UDL, accessibility

  • Let's Kōrero!

    Let's Kōrero!

    Supporting teams who use communication devices in schools with their students.

    Tags: communication, Talklink, talk, link, speech, slt, let's, lets, talk!, talk, korero, chat, AAC, aac, talklink, SLT, assistive technology, technology, assistive, device

  • Lynne Silcock

    I am passionate about assistive technology and the ways that a variety of standard technologies can be used to support a wide range of students in any classroom. I believe that the combination of technology and universal design for learning has a huge potential to help many students who currently...

    Tags: assistive technology, universal design for learning, tramping, family history

  • Identifying the right technology to support a student (and the black box technique)

    The black box technique, (also known as the tools in the SETT framework) is very simple. It allows you to make a recommendation for appropriate technology for a student even if you have never heard of that technology before. SETT is an acronym for: Student – know your student&r...

    Tags: Technology, assistive technology

  • iPad Accessibility for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

    The iPad has accessibility tools and options to assist students who are Deaf or Hard of hearing. These can be accessed via ‘General Settings’ > ‘Accessibility’, scroll down to ‘Hearing’,  Some of the features the student could use are: bl...

    Tags: assistive technology, accessibility, Deaf and Hard of hearing, speech recognition, captioning

  • Lauchie

    I teach in the field of special-education. I have taught  K-12 and  currently  teaching in the 7 to 12 school. I am recently married I am actively involved in my union and my school.

    Tags: assistive technology, executive functioning, autism, inclusion, UDL. Skills: assistive technology, trained in PEBs, PEERS, Assertive Reality Training

  • App Guide: Clicker Docs and iWordQ UK

    This month, I am taking a closer look at two apps that are commonly used to support literacy. Clicker Docs and iWordQ UK are word processing apps which provide additional help for those who find writing a challenge. These apps work best when the user is able to make reasonable guesses a...

    Tags: Assistive Technology, literacy, iPad apps, writing, predictive text, learning support