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  • Jonathan Fisher

    Skills: Curriculum, Assessment, Resource Development, Digital technologies, ICT, mathematics

  • Vocabulary tests, Initial ELL Assessments and Great Reading and Writing Activities

    Hi everybody Wow, thank you to everyone who has shared over the past week your responses to other members’ questions has been amazing! Due to the busy nature of the site this week I will review the discussions in this update and add a few points of my own. Please feel free to contin...

    Tags: Vocabulary, Assessment, ELLs, Placement, ESOL, Reading activities, Writing activities

  • Initial Diagnostic Assessment

      What are we trying to find out about the student in our initial assessment and why? 1. Students background: In order to ‘know the learner’ we need to learn about the student’s language and their strengths and find out more about their background. E.g. ...

    Tags: Assessment, ESOL, Diagnostic assessment, ELLs

  • Mandia Mentis

    Mandia Mentis works at Massey University in the Institute of Education. She coordinates the Postgraduate Specialist Teaching and Inclusive Education programmes

    Tags: Diversity and Equity in Education, Assessment, eLearning

  • Reporting to Parents in MLE

    Tags: Assessment, Reporting to Parents, MLE, 3WC

  • Monitoring (data gathering) template

    A document to support data gathering at the monitoring phase of the RTLB practice sequence.  Based on Sobel, D. (2016).  Soft data: succinct nuance.  New Zealand Education Gazette Volume 95, Number 1.  New Zealand Ministry of Education.  This article has also been up...

    Tags: Assessment