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  • The Subtleties of Human Interaction

    When I lived in Fiji my house girl would often baffle me. When I asked if she would like a cup of tea she would reply, "Vinaka".Vinaka means both yes thank you and no t...

  • Connected Whanau

    One issue that arose for us with our Computers in Homes (see Computers in Homes write u...ffer our parents a prepaid wireless option to their house. This means that they can pay...g permission from landlords to erect the aerials on houses...

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  • What if...

    WormsWhat if worms were a meter long?  Imagine trying to get that on your fishing...Up, Up and Away!! What if you really could lift a house with balloons?  Did you...ted to have a go to see if it could really work - a house...

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  • Slates vs iPads

    The Junior syndicate at Tauranga Primary school had a Gra...ages. Year 2 students had used the iPads to create movies about the different tools so...ents moved around the exhibits they could watch the movies about the different tools. Lo...



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  • What can I find here?

    Each heading encourages a different angle on e-science learning and teaching, and inspiration to begin conversatio...ngs that make you ask "What if...I had that to help me, What if that was in my house,...

  • Rachel Stedman

    Rachel Stedman "Hi there! My name is Rachel Stedman. I’m a physiotherapist by background, but no...tion, cover design, marketing strategies. They can create their own publishing house....

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  • Suzie Vesper

    I am a Year 5/6 teacher working at Mount Pleasant School in Christchurch. This will be my second year back in mainstream teaching after working as an ICT facilitator both in Wellington and nationally for the last six years and being back at the chalkface is challenging but rewarding! I have a ke...

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