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  • Cut Awards

    Logo for the WinTEC CUT! Awards.

    Tags: Awards, Animation

  • Alister Gray

    Created in Invercargill in 1967. Dunedin Teachers College (Primary) First appointment Clifton Primary School Invercargill, Next - Special Needs Teacher at Cargill High School attached Unit, Then Franchisee of Chipmunks Invercargill, RTLB, Special Needs Teacher then SENCO Central Southland College...

    Tags: Animation, Sport, Music. Skills: Creative Software - Image, Animation, Music

  • Ideas for Animation?

    Tags: Animation

  • eStudents

    Tags: icts, teaching, animation, learning, estudents

  • GetOut - Best Animated Short Film 2009

    A lovely example of story telling, where the punch line is hidden 'til the end. A nice round off for a PD session - should raise an "ahh", at it's close.

    Tags: animation, french, drama

  • Walks of life - an abridged story of life on earth.

    If you have never discovered the Showtime Short Stories you are in for a treat. Here is my current favourite. An example of using a simple concept and pushing it as far as you can. I like it as an illustration of ideas growing and evolving - nothing stays the same. How could you use it?

    Tags: science, social studies, animation

  • The Deep

    An animated silent movie. Lovely to play in the background as people are settling in a PD session.  

    Tags: animation, pd

  • Toontastic Animations

    Toontastic helps students learn about story structure as well as providing the opportunity to create character voices, select appropriate background music and simple animation of characters using the iPads touch screen capablities. Go to Toontastics Learning Goals page to get the backgr...

    Tags: storytelling, animation

  • Animation Workshop at Hokowhitu

    As a staff we attended workshops in animation.  We split into two groups, one group did animating powerpoint and the other group did 'I can animate'. In the 'I can animate' session we made a short animation using an ipod with some simple staging and farm animals.  We learnt that this wa...

    Tags: animation, powerpoint

  • The Pen story: A celebration of a lifetime.

    Here is an inspirational and mammouth way to document your life. It is an exquisite example of using photos to tell a story. On YouTube, "The Pen Story" has been a catalyst for a few gems, modelled on the same concept, I really like "The Wolf and Pig" below. Again both videos are great to...

    Tags: animation, pd, digital story