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  • The APPSTERS App List

      Lets keep this list a living document, where we can add to the list of apps we are using as we go... J = J...p;Print the examples that go with the app and see what happens! AR Flashcards Animal A...

  • Recipe for Writing with Etherpad

    I remember years back while at Pirongia School, Phyllis Johnson came to work with a group of students acro...was fresing and I got cod.   or   Think of an animal •What is your animal?...



  • Prezi and Literature

    Animal Farm and the Russian revolution on Prezi We used ICTs to encourage student to create their own digital...collaborate on the production of a Prezi that explored the connection between Animal F...

  • Some apps for Science

    3D Brain - With a 3D interactive brain to rotate and highlight, each segment has a color code and definition...HudsonAlpha iCell- This app is absolutely beautiful and easy to use. With animal,...

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  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Room 16 Imagine that...

    *Lesson on compositional choices: what works and what's not a good idea *Criteria: Drawing: 3x shapes, 3x birds with patterns (like Bill Hammond), favourite animal, favourite past time or object *Use colouring-in pencils as thickly applied as possible: and as colourful as possible

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  • Imagine that...

    Criteria: Bearing in mindwhat your teacher told you about COMPOSITION: Draw three shapes Draw three birds with patterns inside, similarto Bill Hammond’s birds Draw your favourite animal...


  • Howling Mouse

    Soooooo cute!  That's my initial gut reaction to Howling Mouse from the National Geographic Society.  And it's one of those cases where it's so 'game-like' that, on first pass, you're completely oblivious to the learning.  But it's there! Howling Mouse is a basic, jumpy, platfor...

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