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  • Manaiakalani


    Mission To develop capacity in children and families in the Tamaki Community by gr...t is designed to meet academic goals at the same time as providing these Decile 1a students with a...ach to learning. It is also committed to working with th...

  • Cyber Smart

    Cyber Smart

    As a school we are navigating the path of teaching our students how to be smart on the internet in our recently added LMS.  Thought I'd add resources and ideas as we go and things we've learnt.  Would love it if you shared your experiences too.

  • AOK-Teachers


    We are teachers who love being teachers and want to be a part of the e-learning world.  We want to make contact with po...

  • ePilot - Enhancing curriculum outcomes with ICT

    ePilot - Enhancing curriculum outcomes with ICT

    Here is the link to the final survey. It will take around 20 minutes and you need to do this...n click 'Done' on the last page to submit your answers. Thanks so much for taking the time to...

  • Moderation practices and learning

    Moderation practices and learning

    This group is set up to enable teacher to engage in moderation processes

  • Special Education Online

    Special Education Online

    Special Education Online (SE Online) is for early childhood educators and teachers of children or young people with special education needs. SE Online is under development, topics and sections will be added over time.

  • First-time Principals Programme

    First-time Principals Programme

    This is an opportunity for new principals, and those who wish to support new principals, to s...Broadband and the Network 4 Learning. The background of infrastructure change coupled with BY...

  • St Ignatius

    St Ignatius

    A place for teachers to share resources and communicate. Our eLearning statement:   “eLea...acKillop of the Cross, will live and celebrate our faith with re...her. As independent, motivated learners we will actively engage...

  • Programming - Robocup - Scratch ETC

    Programming - Robocup - Scratch ETC

    How are we using lego robotics in our schools? What about scratch animation or alice,blender?    Love to have conversations and sharing with other using these to stretch students have fun and make Mischief

  • Forrest Hill Primary School Science PLD 2012

    Forrest Hill Primary School Science PLD 2012

    This is a page for us to share our thoughts and...ncipal and teachers, only Susan and Mary Loveless (PLD Project Leader) can...  Essentially this is your site. At some time in the future Mary and I will withdra...ould be useful so I can reinforce a face with a...