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  • @Brad.Williamson I can recommend someone - will contact you off-Wire:-)

  • Just spent a great day planning NCEA Level 2 programs for next year. Thanks for the TOD Mrs Tolley.

  • Can anyone help Jamin? He's asking for ICT programs/pathways for Digital citizenship Year 1-6 or 7-8 http://bit.ly/Lr7YfZ

  • Google Educator exams. I am want to find people to join my group "Google Educator" so we can ask questions, support each other. I need help

  • ICT Minister Amy Adams announced 11 more schools in Christchurch to be connected to UFB. Enabling e-Learning newsfeed http://bit.ly/zZSQxj

  • Korero 8 – Teams Delegation and Resourcing Special Needs How do schools best collaborate with the community to meet the needs of students and families with special learning needs? How do schools set

  • Does anyone know how to set up printing wirelessly from a samsung tablet?? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Not sure @Nix35, but have you tried the Samsung Mobile Print app? http://bit.ly/1r1HaDp

  • Check out NZQA plans for computer based exams. Webinar tomorrow > http://bit.ly/1skIotL

  • Check out NZQA plans for computer based exams. Webinar this afternoon > http://bit.ly/1skIotL