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  • GraphSketch

    An online graphing tool that is image-based rather than using Java or Flash. I'm thinking it would make it a useful tool for BYOD devices, since it's web-based but can do most functions that would be needed. It doesn't like fractional exponents though, but you can use an "nth root" function inste...

    Tags: graph, algebra, BYOD, web app

  • Online NCEA external assessment is coming - starting with MCAT

    NZQA have announced that they want to phase out pencil and paper external assessments across the board, and they are starting with a pilot "e-MCAT" this year in some schools. Check out this blog post for full details and links to the original announcements. Online external assessment is coming...

    Tags: maths, external assessment, online assessment, MCAT, algebra, NZQA, assessment

  • Mathematicians on Google Earth

    I've created a few bookmarks in Google Earth which I use to show students where certain famous mathematicians were born, lived and died. I've found it useful for students to make connections and see that the mathematicians who invented the stuff they're learning were real people that really lived...

    tag_names:subjects: Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Statistics, Calculus, Cross-strand

  • End of term jeopardy game

    I used this with an able year 5/6 class at the end of the first term. The rules of how I play are on the last slide.

    tag_names:subjects: Maths L4, Geometry, Algebra, Measurement, Number, Stage 6, Stage 7