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  • LCO Handbook

    LCO Handbook

    ...was intended to provide a structured approach to the process of establishing the necessary environment within the school, and to provide practical advice and guidance in specific area...

  • Educational Leaders Reference Group

    Educational Leaders Reference Group

    ...is made up of school leadership professionals who have an interest in shaping the development of the Educational Leaders website. Members provide advice on possible improvements and...

  • Special Education Communities of Learning

    Special Education Communities of Learning

    The scope of this proposed work is to facilitate communities of practice and to work within the scope of providing advice and guidance and capability within teams rather than Professional Development.

  • Digital learning

    Digital learning

    ...writing and typing just to get his ideas out. I have tried dictanote and am looking for programmes or apps like this. Can anyone relate? Any ideas/advice/suggestions will be greatly a...



    ...T applications work, how you could be using it better, how it can be used for your communication kids, apps, sensory needs, curriculum integration advice.

  • Digital Technologies NCEA Level 1

    Digital Technologies NCEA Level 1

    ...about the standards and just as many interpretations.  I ran the recent Wellington NCEA level 1 Workshop so feel like I am in a position to offer advice and guidance, I've also t...