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  • Introduction to the Virtual Learning Network

    ...nline portal allowing them to connect, find virtual programmes/proj...s, develop thinking, and make connections. But I'm already in an o...you have joined, you can: Connect with friends who share your p...ICT PD Online: connecting clusters currently in the...

  • Starting out in the VLN

    ...information about yourself to connect with others online.1. What do...find your cluster and want to connect with your group, they will ne...s to broker relationships and connect cluster groups in this space....help people feel accepted and connected in the network Strong rel...

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  • There will be a short outage of the VLN server at 5pm today while some changes are made to connect the VLN to the KAREN network

  • Quick tip: It's easier for people to connect with you if you have a photo and profile page. Pop into 'Getting started on the VLN' for help

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  • Adobe Connect

    Adobe Connect is the web conferencing tool we use for our online...ed and supported by the MoE. Adobe Connect enables participants to com...gon and password to the Adobe Connect server. Schools with poor ba...conferencing alongside their Adobe Classroom. Adobe Help...

  • Case Study - Online Languages 2009

    ...n the VLN, but with the use of Adobe Connect, as a more broadband friend...h language was offered through Adobe Connect web conferencing and MOE-sp...ddie suggested that we use the adobe connect site to provide second langua...ing the virtual lesson through Adobe Connect. YouTube clips exposed studen...

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  • Getting started on the VLN

    Getting started on the VLN

      Just arrived and not sure where to go now? Top 6 steps for getting starte...al profile ensures you seem approachable and friendly, and it allows others to connect to your professional network....

  • Adobe Connect Development Group

    Adobe Connect Development Group

     This group is for anyone interested in using Adobe Connect within their online teaching programmes. 

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  • VLN Contracts - Monitoring and Meetings

    VLN Contracts - Monitoring and Meetings

    2011 discussion area across VLN contracts programmes of work and group meetings.

    Tags: lams, adobe connect, primary languages, vpld, itinerant music, vln_primary, kura

  • Ready to Roll with Online Classes

    This is crossposted from Bardwired Blogspot Taster class   Things are ready to roll with the VLN Primary online classes for 2011. We are starting with confirmed classes this school term of Te Reo, Japanese, French, German & Astronomy. In the wings, to be confirmed an...

    Tags: vln_primary, elearning, adobe connect, online learning, languages

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