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  • Smart take on Apple's iPad commercial

    A succinct synopsis of the functional, equitable potential of the iPad for all classroom teachers.     NB: The only irony, you have to be sighted to appreciate it. LOL.

    Tags: accessibility, special education, inclusion, ipad

  • What's a screen reader?

    Screen reader introduction A screen reader is a software package that can covert text into speech. It allows a person who cannot see to access both web content and documents. A screenreader can read the text from top to bottom, one line at a time. But it can also navigate the content...

    Tags: accessibility

  • Apple iBooks Author - providing options for learners

    If you have not yet discovered the Apple iBooks Author app, it's worth a look. The video below gives a succinct overview of it's potential. For me, one of the most exciting things the iBooks Author app offers is the ease with which we can create resources which model Universal Design...

    Tags: udl, inclusion, ipad, apple, accessibility

  • Customising your keyboard or mouse

    Most people don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to using all the features their computer offers. Did you know you can slow down the mouse, turn on Māori macrons or use an onscreen keyboard?   This post looks at some of the free options for customising your keyboard or m...

    Tags: accessibility, keyboard, mouse, ipad accessibility, mac accessibility, windows accessibility, chromebook accessibility

  • iPad Accessibility for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

    The iPad has accessibility tools and options to assist students who are Deaf or Hard of hearing. These can be accessed via ‘General Settings’ > ‘Accessibility’, scroll down to ‘Hearing’,  Some of the features the student could use are: bl...

    Tags: assistive technology, accessibility, Deaf and Hard of hearing, speech recognition, captioning