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  • LCO Handbook

    LCO Handbook

    ...was started in 2002 as a guide for rural secondary schools in New Zealand who were exploring the use of video conferencing as a means of expanding access to course options for student...

  • Netsafe


    ...rganisation with an unrelenting focus on online safety and security. Our purpose is to enable all New Zealand internet users to confidently access digital opportunities and pre...

  • Getting started on the VLN

    Getting started on the VLN

    ...add information to the VLN, you need to choose the appropriate level of access. Here's a quick guide to the different permission levels on the VLN: Managing access to your information from Kare...

  • Christchurch Special School's Cluster

    Christchurch Special School's Cluster

    ...ning together.  This VLN space will be our main virtual platform. It is a space to virtually support each other's inquiry focus, to share & access resources and a space to shar...

  • Secondary Literacy Leadership Southern Region

    Secondary Literacy Leadership Southern Region

    A literacy group which is linked to the professional development clusters on literacy across the curriculum running in 2011 in the southern region.  This will give leaders access to resource material to support PD in your own school.

  • Manaiakalani


    ...he curriculum to the students from Year 1-13. The students are being offered the opportunity to own personal netbook devices and wireless internet access is being offered across the c...

  • Baradene/St Peters College  ICT PD Cluster

    Baradene/St Peters College ICT PD Cluster

    The teachers of Baradene College and St. Peter's College have combined forces to ensure their students are able to access and incorporate ICT in as many of their educational experienc...

  • Secondary ESOL Online (VLN)

    Secondary ESOL Online (VLN)

    ...es and issues around meeting the needs of English language learners. Use the areas below to ask questions, start discussions, make suggestions and access links.

  • Te Ara Tūhāhā - (the many pathways)

    Te Ara Tūhāhā - (the many pathways)

    ...im to prevail over them and to carry on in his ascension of the heavens; eventually he overcame these to achieve the fruits of his labour; gaining access to all knowledge both celesti...

  • NEAL Regional cluster

    NEAL Regional cluster

    NEAL (originally established as the North Shore Education & Access Loop, now Northern Education Access Loop) was an initiative under the Government's "Broadband Challenge" which saw the extension of...