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  • Wellington school leaders and IT people invited to free seminar on better management if identity and access (single sign on) on 7th March: http://tiny.cc/9oig6

  • Access the Elluminate LIVE! (how the ICT PD community can best utilise the VLN social network) @ http://fizurl.com/elluminate1

  • Hi I am new to the VLN. Our school is currently looking at an access to google apps called HAPARA. Any thoughts?

  • Can you help Monika? >> Prezi for students, but school has no student email access policy http://bit.ly/ICF7FW

  • At home with my daughter who is finding life really hard at age 11 so we have be using technology to research and access help!

  • @learneruk Cool to see you here. Just had the most amazing day filming current and ex students from BLENNZ talking about access to learning.

  • Help how do I create a template on MyPortfolio for others to use, if I share a page they will only access my page and my edits

  • Jenny, you could access more resources for mathematics by joining 'e-learning in primary Mathematics' VLN group.

  • Natasha Furness is looking for the best way to add live links to her blog for students to access. Can you help? http://bit.ly/1CtYZW0

  • Lots of sharing in the e-learning community this week. Access to the round-up here: http://bit.ly/NgjFG6 Can you see yourself in there? :-)