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  • Getting ready for the first EduCamp of the year in Wellington. Follow on Twitter #educampwelly :-)

  • Am just about to go out and play Ki-o-rahi with my Year 10 class. Beautiful day in Christchurch....no movement...at least not huge ones. Lon

  • My 5 year old students are now able to voicethread independently - such a buzz!

  • @AllanahK My three year old has OCD, what you have is normal! There's something comforting in knowing what's happening around the country :)

  • Anyone know whats happening with the TVNZ6 Netguide Multimedia Challenge this year now that TVNZ6 is gone?

  • Just spent a great day planning NCEA Level 2 programs for next year. Thanks for the TOD Mrs Tolley.

  • Teaching Year 12, 13 Photography and Year 11 Art and Design

  • Mix and Max competition officially started - http://www.mixandmash.org.nz/. There is a schools category this year, with cool prizes to grab.

  • I am at the moment watching the NE five year olds in my class teach each other skills using the laptops. I love my job!

  • working through technology support document in designing technology course for juniors next year, Indicators of progessions :/