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  • Lesa Lafaelle

    About me: I'm now a Year 2 teacher in 2014...for now,  still i...ra!  Well actually, I am now teaching Year 3-4 children in Edgecumbe and...nly been teaching in this level for 4 years but I had actually been teac...ese wikis have been evolving over the years). In 2012...I WAS learning...

  • Janet Shepherd

    About me: ...ays per term. The other three days of the week I have four art groups.  Year 1-2 students  come for a whol...erm.  In the afternoon of that day I have CWSN children.  The groups for Year 3-4 and Years 5-6 come to me...

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  • Enabling e-Learning | What's on in Term 1 2015?

    ...talofa lava and welcome to another year of engaging, inspiring and FR...gt;>>    NEW YEAR CHALLENGE: 12 February, 2015...ish this sentence: "This year I plan to use [>>I...ial and economic backgrounds. Each year is different, so how do you g...

  • Digital Citizenship

    ...Cluster around digital citizenship started by Isaac Day. We've included cybersafety here at Hanmer Springs School as one of our school goals this year as part and parcel of develop...

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  • Digital Citizenship at EGS

    ...ormal people' on the internet.  John asked me to pretend to be an 8 year old girl and chat in the chat...surprised to see me and thought that they were about to meet another 8-9 year old student.  This promp...

  • Digital Citizenship at Tahunanui

    Digitital Citizenship 2011 During this year students, staff and parents are exploring digital citizenship...: 1. Students to become successful digital citizens through: Raising Year 4 boys achievement in re...

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  • Regional Meeting Oct 5 2010 Minutes

    ...have done a pilot of events this year, 26 november will have a fina...em a cut price membership for next year offering some night time mee...lios eg mathematics, e-portfolios, year 8/9 transition, ict developme...ts them more one school has taken year 8 and 9 math students and com...

  • Planning Meeting 1 - 2011 Term 1

    ...lusterInvite all schools from Whakatu ClusterImprove the model from last yearPublicity - teachers/local/nat...lFundraising - spilt money raised between Christchurch School & next year's film festivalInvite the a g...

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  • Getting ready for the first EduCamp of the year in Wellington. Follow on Twitter #educampwelly :-)

  • Am just about to go out and play Ki-o-rahi with my Year 10 class. Beautiful day in Christchurch....no movement...at least not huge ones. Lon

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  • Learner Needs

    ...dentified in the scoping process) need to be continually reassessed each year, bearing in mind the “l...For example in secondary schools this happens at the end of the previous year, or at the latest, very early...

  • Professional Development & Support

    ...ommunity Online. Many LCO have an induction day at the beginning of each year for all participants in the L...and staff ), as well as training and preparation days at the end of the year for eteachers. In addition, e...

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  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Digital Photography Award Winner 2011

    Alex Powell, year 7 Fairfield Intermediate, along with 5 other students entered by their art teacher (Nelda Halgryn) entered the international Hong Kong Digital Photography...


  • Fairfield College

    Fairfield College

    Fairfield College is a single school cluster and is in the second year of its contract.  The school has just had the SNUP upgrade.  Fairfield staff have a wiki which can be seen here.

  • Christchurch Special School's Cluster

    Christchurch Special School's Cluster

    ...015. We are likely to be working in school groups.  Before the next session please make sure you have completed the end of year evaluation. Special Schools End of Year evaluation    Contact E...

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